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January 26, 2013  •  3 Comments

Welcome to week number 3 on the photo challenge. The theme for the week was: Old and new in the same shot. To me that sounded pretty cool. I had a few ideas right away. It seemed easy enough to get a shot of an old building and a new one in the frame together, but since we did architecture last week I only wanted to use that idea as a backup. I tried to think of things at home that we had an old and a new of the same thing (or type of thing). I have a lot of toys from my childhood, so you will see how that came out below. Another thought I had was for cars. I didn't think I had enough time to pull that together, so I may have to try to make that happen some other day. I also had old and new camera equipment in mind. Again, look below for those results. The idea I kept coming back to was having my youngest child (5) with my wife's grandmother (88) - focusing on their hands.


So, here is my official submission for the week. My youngest child with her great-grandmother. I shot it intending to convert it to black and white, but after working with it it was obvious it needed color. Other than that it came out exactly like I wanted.

Old and young handsDSC_9551

While I was doing this my wife wanted me to get a picture of her grandmother doing "walkie round the garden" on our daughter's hand, since it is a childhood memory of my wife's.

Old and young handsDSC_9556


This was actually the first day I shot anything for this theme. I have photographed Legos before, and every time they are more challenging than I expect. The two guys in front and the rover are mine (about 30 years old) and all the aliens in the back are my son's.



The second day of shooting was out on the Main Street bridge heading into Downtown Fort Worth. I wanted to get a shot of old The Fort Worth Power and Light Company Power Plant (built around 1912) and the Trinity River campus of Tarrant County College (formerly the RadioShack headquarters - built in 2004) together at sunset. It proved harder than I thought.

RadioShack buildingDSC_9407 I hung around till dark to get some shots of the courthouse. That counts as old and new in the same shot, right?

Fort Worth CourthouseDSC_9491 Fort Worth CourthouseDSC_9494


My final day of shooting was with camera gear. I borrowed a friend's vintage cameras that belonged to his grandfather. I borrowed another friend's new Nikon to contrast against the old school.

Old and new camerasDSC_9593



This was a really cool theme, and I am really pleased with the results. This might have been my most fun week and topic so far.


For future themes, we have each submitted 10 topics. We are going to print out the choices and randomly draw one each week. We also are going to offer each other one thing we like about the other's submission and one suggestion for improvement. I am really liking where this thing is going.


Leave a comment below if you have some feedback.


Also, I am looking at starting an email list to send out monthly to keep people up-to-date on things they might have missed. You can sign up here, and I promise not to bug you with anything other than updates.


dianah thelen(non-registered)
Hands win hands down. Beautiful.
Matt - the hands picture is definitely my favorite! Those memories Sarah and your family have will live forever.... I look forward each week to looking at them... Thank you for sharing!
I love the one with the hands. When you were probing for challenge ideas, I was going to suggest "hands".
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