Focus - Photo Challenge: Is Something Missing?

February 16, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Week 6 is closed, and boy am I glad. The theme for this week, "Is Something Missing?", was really tough for me. I never really felt like I had any ideas that weren't just silly (so that's mostly what I did). I guess there are just some times when inspiration is fleeting. Well, I tried, so that is something. Right? However, I have seen that when I am in the middle of projects that I look even harder for interesting things around me. Sometimes it fits the theme and sometimes it has nothing to do with it at all. But how can that be too bad? I'm paying more attention to my surroundings to find something that inspires me. Even if it doesn't go along with what I am supposed to be shooting I can often find things I wouldn't have noticed otherwise. Sometimes I find even more when, like this week, I am really struggling to find a subject that fits the theme. I suppose ultimately that the answer to the question of "Is something missing?" is all of my ideas for this theme. Hmm, well, I think I have stalled enough. Does this count sufficiently as an intro?

I'll show you what I got for the week. Try to contain yourselves.


This is my favorite from the serious ones I took. I took a trip over to Avoca coffee shop. Take a look at the before shot to see what's missing.

coffee cup, latteDSC_0199


This idea was thanks to my kids. Here's my oldest daughter "reading."



This one was my son's idea. I would have liked to do this shot in a much prettier bathroom, but sometimes I have to work with what I have.



I spent some time wandering around the Botanic Gardens on one of our beautiful February "spring" days. I liked this line of trees that were completely bare (missing leaves?) and thought converting it to black-and-white would really emphasize the contrast between the white bark and the sky. nature photography, treesDSC_0245


This one didn't come out as well as I hoped, but the idea was there. This spot just needed and old couple sitting in it enjoying the gardens and the cool day.

empty benchDSC_0227


This was another one from the garden. They had a bed that was mixed with pansies and poppies. The poppies looked really cool as they were starting to bloom. It's just missing the flower.

macro of flowerDSC_0260


On Friday, my wife and I went on a Segway tour. It was so fun. What's missing here? Someone holding this thing up. Crazy! (By the way, the sign on mine said "Riding a Segway from Segway Fort Worth is more awesome than a shark high-fiving a bear in outer space, during an explosion.")



Something seems missing here too.



Ok, now this shot isn't technically the best, but it is definitely my favorite one from the week (and featured some great acting, by the way). And so that my wife doesn't look like she doesn't feed us, the food really isn't missing. It's all on the counter.

empty refrigeratorDSC_0149



And here's one last one before you go. So, what's missing? Well, my artwork on your wall, of course.

Fort Worth artworkDSC_0282



This week was tough, and I have to say that it wasn't the most fun or successful shooting I have had. I guess that's why it's called a challenge isn't it?


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