Focus - Photo Challenge: Emphasize the Flaws

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Wow, two weeks in a row writing a blog. This must be a record. This week's theme was to emphasize the flaws. I don't know that I have much to say in terms of describing my approach. It's pretty simple: find things that usually aren't seen as beautiful and make them interesting. Really, it fits with my approach to photography - there is a lot of beauty in the mundane. I had several ideas for this topic and ended up getting most of what I had in mind. While most of these pictures aren't going up in any museums (along with the rest of my photos that aren't going in a museum) I still feet like there is some interest to what I got. Think of this week as my contribution to the stock photography world. There is a wide sampling of "flaws" below - bricks, weeds, rust, peeling paint. How about that? I bet you can't wait to see. I'll be waiting at the bottom of the page to take your order.


One of the first things I thought of was weeds. Near our house is a field with some really huge, amazing thistles. They're giant. They stand probably 3 feet high and the flower is probably 3 inches across. So, even though they are pretty, they are evil weeds. (Although, my wife has threatened to stop there some time to cut some of them because she likes them.) Well, I wanted to get one of the thistles with some wildflowers in the background. However, in typical weed fashion, they were not cooperating. They all pointed the wrong way or didn't have the right background. This one below was the best I could get for that idea.

Thistle, WeedsDSC_3536

I did find this dandelion that was cooperative (and also huge).

Weeds, DandelionDSC_3616

This one was my favorite, but it didn't have the wildflowers in the background. Oh well, it's still a weed, so it's a field flaw (even if it is pretty).

Thistle, WeedsDSC_3519


The next thing I wanted to get was some brick roadway. There is a spot near downtown Fort Worth (on Camp Bowie) that used to have brick pavers for the road surface. Much of it still does, but there are sections that have been covered by asphalt. I had seen sections where the asphalt has been broken and the bricks are visible. It makes for a fairly terrible driving experience, but it looks pretty cool. You can see history coming up from the roadway. Both of the shots below are from the same general area (you can see the same building in them), but they are different sections of brick.

"Fort Worth", Brick, "Brick street", "Brick roadway", "Camp Bowie"DSC_3554

"Fort Worth", Brick, "Brick street", "Brick roadway", "Camp Bowie"DSC_3571


My last idea was from an area near my gym. They are really trying to develop the area and tear down all the old buildings to replace them with more condos (because West 7th apparently doesn't have enough condos). But, there are a few hold-outs in the area. I am rooting for those building and business owners to hang on as long as possible. I think it adds some character to the street. So, I wanted to get some rust and some peeling paint. Mission accomplished, I would say.

Paint, "Peeled paint", "Peeling paint", Rust, "Cracked paint"DSC_3605

I couldn't decide between this shot and the next, so here are both.

Paint, "Peeled paint", "Peeling paint", Rust, "Cracked paint"DSC_3610 Paint, "Peeled paint", "Peeling paint", Rust, "Cracked paint"DSC_3611

So, there you have it. Flaws. But, please don't tell me if they are wrong.


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