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July 27, 2013  •  1 Comment

This week I got to shoot another Glendarroch Home. I was really pleased that they came back to me with another job. This time I handled getting in touch with the owners to schedule a time that would work for them (and for the lighting). I had gotten some new equipment that I was looking forward to using for this shoot. The thing I was most excited about was this tripod head. I was able to get everything level and square before taking the shots, so that I had to do very little correction in Photoshop. Another big improvement on this shoot was having an assistant. My wife told me after doing my first house that she wanted to help out on the next one like this. So, she came along with me this time. It really helped in so many ways. I was more at ease dealing with the home owners and really appreciated having another set of eyes and opinion on my compositions. Plus, there are so many things to pay attention to in every shot that it was so good to have her to help notice extra details that I missed.

So, that is about all I have to say. These homes that they build are beautiful. That makes my job much easier.  I am going to just highlight some of favorites. Creating these images was not easy, but I feel like improved a lot from the last luxury home I did. Every picture you will see is composed of 3 shots taken at different exposures and combined later to get a broader range of exposures (light to dark).


This is their formal living and dining space. Very nicely designed as you can see. I took a shot of this room when I first got to the house, but ended up coming back to reshoot this because the late evening light was so nice coming through the front of the house.

Living room / dining roomRivercrest_04


Arches. They are all throughout the house and really amazing. I love the light fixtures they use and the interesting patterns they cast on the ceilings.

Bar area and archesRivercrest_06


Here is the master suite. It had this great entrance into the outdoor living space (with fireplace).

Master bedroom and outdoor living areaRivercrest_08


The master bathroom was, um, nice.

Master bathroomRivercrest_09


You could tell that this kitchen and living area were designed around hosting. It seem like such a great space for congregating. The living room wall had 4 sets of French doors leading to the pool and outdoor living area.

Kitchen island and living areaRivercrest_14


This was the upstairs area. There was also a workout room, bedroom and balcony up here.

Pool roomRivercrest_17


This study was amazing. Wood everywhere and a nice view of the pool.



Finally, here is the pool and outdoor space. It had a great Roman bath feel to it.

Pool and outdoor living areaRivercrest_25


This was another really great opportunity for me. The photography was very challenging, and I know I still need a lot of improvement. I am also amazed that I was able to do this again for them. I love this work more every time and can't wait for my next opportunity.


By the way, here are the rest of the images from the home.


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dianah thelen(non-registered)
Glad you had your assistant. The shots are fabulous. Who wouldn't want to live there?
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