Product Choices

These are some of the options I have for getting wood prints of my photos. I do not offer printing services, but I have several printers available to use to deliver excellent quality prints of any of my images that interest you.

Wood prints

This option isn't just printing on top of a wood canvas, the ink is infused INSIDE the wood! This allows the wood grain to show through your photo AND keep the colors vibrant!


Choose from a range of sizes, both large and small, starting at 8"x8" up to 30"x40". All sizes com in about 1/2" thicknesses. The wood canvases are heat and moisture resistant.


Here are the common sizes I provide -

Gallery wrap sizes


On each print a Portrait and Landscape slot has been created on the back to easily slide your custom photo canvas on to a wall screw. Wall screws included in every order.
Mounting styles

Contact [email protected] if you are interested in prices on any of the products.

Contact [email protected] if you would like to order any of my prints. Please provide the name of the image you would like and the desired size as well as what product type (print, gallery wrap, etc.)